About Us

Blazin began in 2015 by friends Peter and Gabe. As active dog owners, they loved the idea of LED dog collars that offered safety at night. They each bought one and loved it, until they discovered that they could barely see their dogs when they were more than 20 yards away.

So, they bought another. And another. And another...

Peter and Gabe knew there had to be a better way, and developed the Blazin Safety LED dog collar for pet owners who want to keep believing that there’s a simple, affordable way to keep their furry friends safe. We’ve taken that brilliant idea and made it better, for our dogs and for yours.

Customers quickly noticed the difference, helping Blazin become a market leader in the category. We've since expanded the Blazin line to include high quality LED lanterns that you can count on during camping trips or power outages. While we've grown as a company since the beginning, our commitment to quality and service has remained as strong as the day we started.

Today, Blazin is run by Gabe and his wife Melissa with offices in Nevada and Connecticut. We stand behind our products 100%, which means that if you're ever not satisfied, we're easy to reach and here to help.

Gabe and Melissa know that products will come and go, but great service makes all the difference in the world.

Give us a try and let us show you the Blazin difference!